Zaka Trinidad: the celebration. Trinidad has always been an island renowned for its cultivation of sugarcane. At the end of the 18th century, under British rule, a large amount of rums was exported to England, then blended with other rums originating from the British colonies (Barbados, Jamaica ...) under the name "Navy Rum ".

Since then, the English-speaking territories have continued to produce dark rums known for their roundness with hints of spices and caramel.

In the Trinidad folklore, the name of the character who symbolizes the fauna and flora is "Papa Bois", which literally means the master of the forests. This character is celebrated during traditional carnivals which are important events in the culture of the island. These joyful and popular happenings occupy a prime place in the life of Trinidadian people. This spirit of festivities is also a trait of Zaka who is said to love dancing!

About Zaka Trinidad