Zaka Panama: Strong ties to the land. In comparison with Trinidad and Mauritius, the production of rum in Panama came much later, in 1908. It was a Spanish immigrant, Don José Varela Blanco, who set up the first mill that was used to grind sugar cane in a city named Tekel .

The Zaka Panama Rumhas its roots in Pesé, in the heart of Herrera province on the Azuero Peninsula, where the best rum of the countryis still produced.Nestled in a beautiful valley, the village of Pesé and its inhabitants haveperpetuatedthe traditional spirit of rum-makinghonouringhardwork and perseverance. They also take great pride in preserving a strong attachment to the land and itsproduce.

In Panama, the Curanderos are known to be medicinal plants, often used by planters and peasants tocommunicatewith the gods and ensure a good harvest. A practice that reminds us the god Zakawho used to carryhis medicinal herbs in his "jacoute".

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